2019-2020 Sunset Elementary PTA Board


President, Wendy Salomon

Treasurer, Daniela Galbis

VP, Carmen Moreno

VP Operations, Peter Salomon

VP Fundraising, Yaneth Ruiz

VP Programs, Maria Castillo

VP Membership, Luz Padilla

VP PTA Retail/PTA Store, Andrea Chorbadijan

Secretary, Angela Martini

Secretary, Yazmine Eterovic


Manages overall objectives and strategies of PTA; Acts as liaison between parents and principal / staff
Recruits all PTA Committee Chairs.
Creates agenda and facilitates monthly PTA board meetings and 3-4 PTA general meetings.
Create school calendar and budget with Principal and Treasurer.
Speak at Back to School Night and other events.

VP Operations
Manage the capital improvements of school.
Responsible for PTA Store overall operation & performance.

VP Fundraising
Responsible for the development and implementation of PTA sponsored events and catalog sales.
Oversees the planning, organization and execution of all PTA fundraising activities.
Arranges with contracted vendors dates of sales and signs any applicable contracts.  
Supervises any fundraising subcommittees that may be formed throughout the school year.
Ensures that income is appropriately accounted for and turned over to the Treasurer for bank deposit.  

VP Membership
Reviews and plans membership drives per the Membership Awards deadlines posted on FLPTA.org
Develops and maintains a membership data spreadsheet.
Generates a monthly report of new members for dues submission to FL PTA.
Tracks 100% class participation for awards.
Drives the membership discount cards during the summer.

Takes minutes at PTA meetings, then forwards to president and Minutes Review Committee.
Submits minutes for inclusion on the website.
Makes copies of the minutes for the next PTA meeting so they can be approved by the membership.
Maintains complete records of members and leaders.
Sends communications on behalf of the executive board.

VP Programs
Advertises and encourages children to participate in National PTA sponsored programs.
Enters Sunset Elementary in the Reflections (an arts program); collects, compiles and submits entries.  Identifies all students who placed or won from Sunset and advertise in Sunset News.  
Schedules and organizes the annual Boosterthon Fun Run.  Coordinates with Boosterthon team and administration.
Explores the possibilities of new and continued enrichment programs.
Plans parent and family programs (Sunset Family Events, Parent’s Night Out, etc.) Publicizes and attracts attendance to all programs throughout the year.  

Ensures fiscal responsibility of the PTA by developing a budget.
Implements processes and procedures for gathering funds and paying bills.
Utilizes software to input funds, track expenditures and update budget as needed.  
Presents budget at the general PTA meetings and requests vote of approval.
Reviews invoices and reimbursement requests.
Updates checking account and budget information based on monthly account activity and reconciles accounts monthly.  
Responsible for annual audit and forwards all necessary reports forms required by the FL PTA for insurance and for filing all tax returns and other forms required by government agencies. Prepares and files the annual tax return.

VP Retail/PTA Store
Responsible for the ordering and organizing all inventory; maintains and manages daily store operations.
Communicates with treasurer to purchase within the limitations of the approved budget.
Provides a detailed count of the monies on hand from daily sales and submit to treasurer for bank deposit.
Develops a store volunteer schedule, updates as needed and submits to the front office.
Responsible for setting up and breaking down merchandise for PTA sponsored events.