General Committees

General Committees


Communications Lead team that manages PTA communications, Sunset News, PTA website and FaceBook. Solicit material for each edition, develop and design e-Blast. Maintain e-mail address distribution database and work with school administration. Occurs year-round.


Corporate & Grant Sponsorship Lead team to review the community grants and sponsorships offered by corporations to benefit our school, students and staff. Occurs year-round.


Legislation Monitor and communicate current pertinent legislation; educate and call parents to action on issues relevant to our schools.


Activities & Special Events Committee Coordinate planning and execution of events and gatherings in school and outside to benefit students and staff. Work with the school administration to identify level of participation. Occurs year-round.


Public Relations & Strategic Partners Manage strategic relationships with different organizations and community. Ensure “school values” and position is aligned with school administration. Networking, branding, and local advertising. Occurs year-round.


Social Committee Planner Provide food, drinks and paper goods at the various events, programs and fundraisers. Coordinate with the school administration for PTA hospitality support in World Market Fair, Magnet Program Tours, Field Day, Career Day, AR Recognition, 25-Mile Run Club, Membership Rewards, Science Fair, SWAT Night, etc. Occurs year-round.


Parent Social Chair Develop and promote off-campus social gatherings to build
parent relationships and assist with fundraising. Generally occurs twice per year.


Voices of Sunset Work with students and media specialist to develop and hold surveys and contests to solicit articles and school work from the kids. Work with teachers to solicit content ideas from students. Occurs year-round.

Program Committees

All Pro Dad Coordinate dad-child program with breakfast events and select speakers. Communicate days with school community through flyers and our Sunset e-Blast. Occurs bi-monthly.


Bingo & Spaghetti Night A fun night for Sunset families.  Plan and organize Family Bingo & Spaghetti Night event to be held in the Spring in conjunction with the Spring Book Fair.  Responsible for toys, games and books donations for Bingo Winners.


Book Swap Manage the Book Swap every Friday morning in the courtyard outside the International Office. No money is required for the kids to swap books; duties consist of moving the book cart out to the courtyard, supervising the students swapping books, and returning the cart to the PTA Office. Occurs Friday mornings year-round.


Family Movie Night Plan and organize Family Movie Night event. Two events per year. December & March.


Jump Rope for Heart Work with the PE teacher, Ms. Garboro, to determine
volunteer needs for the event. Collect packets and track each child’s progress to determine prizes.
Deliver funds collected and distribute prizes to the students. Occurs in March.


Reflections National PTA contest to celebrate the creative artist within each of our children. Assist with promotion, collection of entries, preparing winning entries to send to the district PTA, displaying the entries in locations throughout the school, distributing awards and returning entries to students. Occurs in the fall.


Teacher Appreciation Lunch Plan and manage Teacher Appreciation Week events and luncheon in the spring. Occurs in May.


Book Fair Manage set-up, sales, restocking of book fair inventory. Hold volunteer training. Work with teachers to develop a class visitation schedule, and Classroom Book Wish Lists. Occurs in the fall and spring.


Amazon Smile Promote Amazon Smile Education Program, generate awareness
and increase members. Advertise school’s progress via e-Blast and PTA website. Occurs year-round.


Dine Around Committee Coordinate “family nights” for dining around town.
Communicate with local restaurants that are interested in providing a percentage of dining sales to
Sunset PTA, create a schedule and advertise. Follow up with venue regarding total sales from each
event and coordinate with Treasurer the percentage due to Sunset PTA.
Fall Catalog Fundraiser – *COMMITTEE NEEDED*  Work with VP of Fundraising to coordinate Sherwood’s Forest Farms Wreath & Winter Wonderland catalog campaigns.  Develop a team of volunteers to assist with distribution of catalogs and order forms, receive and check orders, communicate with vendors and set up and deliver items to classrooms.


Holiday Shop *COMMITTEE NEEDED*  Work with VP of Fundraising and lead team with marketing, set up, sales, and restocking at the Holiday Shoppe. Develop classroom visits schedule with the teachers. Distribute flyer, wish list envelopes and other marketing items. Event takes place the second week of December.


Sports Events Coordinate with the school administration and communicate with Sports Team (i.e.Miami Heat, Miami Marlins) representatives to determine dates, ticket prices and perks (i.e. children meeting players, going onto the field/court, ball signing, etc.). Work with administration to develop flyers and promote events. Coordinate ticket sales, distribution and logistics during the event. Occurs in the fall and spring.


Box Tops for Education Promote the boxtops fundraising efforts at Sunset Elementary.  Communicate with teachers and Room Parents all distribution requirements and deadlines as well as coordinating monthly collections from each grade level.  Market boxtops and advertise through flyers, activities and presence at school events.  Responsible for organizing contests and distributing prizes to winning classrooms, in addition to collecting, counting, packaging and shipping collections to Boxtop Headquarters. Occurs year-round.


Fall Festival Pumpkin Patch - *COMMITTEES NEEDED* Work with the VP of Fundraising to develop committees and appoint chairpersons, plan and market the event, lead the teams and coordinate all the signature activities including carnival rides and games, scare crow contests, bake sales, food vendors and concession stands. Set up and breakdown, coordinate volunteers and manage schedules, generate tickets sales prior to and during the festival, pre-sell pumpkins and create pumpkin patch along with photo opportunity. Occurs in the fall.


Required Reading Book Shop Coordinate with the teachers to determine the required reading books for the following year. Determine sales strategy and purchase of books with vendor. Solicit volunteers for pick-up and delivery of books. Starts in the spring for the following year. Orders are compiled during the summer and filled at the beginning of the new school year.